640 Fit @ Evia

640 Muscles. 60 Minutes. 1 Fit You.

A healthy, balanced life is achieved when mind, body and soul work in harmony at every age and every stage of one’s life. 640 Fit focuses on achieving this harmony through personalized and scientifically proven approaches to long-term health and wellness.

640 Fit provides fitness-level appropriate exercise programs to improve the overall health and well-being of people and helps instill the value of physical activity at any age.

Mission: To improve lives through fitness and wellness.

Vision: To make fitness a way of life for all individuals in our community no matter their abilities or fitness levels. We do this by providing our members with knowledgeable, highly qualified, supportive instructors and the safest, most effective group exercise classes.

Our purpose is to not only make you feel comfortable, but to provide you with the very best group fitness classes to place you on the right path towards reaching and exceeding your fitness goals and enhancing your life by improving your overall health and well-being in your pursuit of lifelong fitness.

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