Total Body Pump & Burn:

A full-body workout that targets all of the major muscle groups. This class is designed to build strength, add definition, and increase your bone density. Using a variety of equipment, including hand weights, barbells and plates, step benches, resistance bands and tubing, stability balls, and glider disks, participants will get a full-body workout. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned group fitness participant, this class will challenge your more than 640 muscles.
** Please bring a workout or sticky mat to class with you.

Stretching, Flexibility & Fascia Rolling:

Through pressure point fascia techniques, functional flexibility exercises and Hatha yoga, this class works to improve your body’s ability to move and maintain flexibility. Ideal for anyone looking to improve their posture, help their body recover from other workouts, and anyone who just wants to increase their flexibility. This class will increase blood flow, improve flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and decrease injury risks associated with other types of exercise. Roll Model® Massage Therapy Balls, foam rollers, stretch straps and stability balls are utilized. All fitness levels welcomed.
** Please bring a workout or sticky mat to class with you.

Cardio Conditioning:

A high-energy, heart rate-raising workout using various formats and equipment to improve your cardiovascular endurance. Floor work and low step platforms are used to be lower impact, but still effective!
**Please bring a workout or sticky mat to class with you.

Classic Cardio Step:

This class is easy to follow and fun for those looking to step up their cardio game! Accessible to all, this cardio workout gets you moving on and off a step platform, with or without risers. Discover new heights with this step cardio class! Energetic music creates a fun 30-minute group cardio workout experience. Basic steps and simple choreography are used.

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